Labyrinthe in Tramuntana

Labyrinthe in Tramuntana
Labyrinths in Tramuntana
A special ambiance reigns over the north part of the island of Cres, making it a perfect place to relax in peace and quiet and connect with nature.

There are 7 labyrinths and 7 educational ecotrails.

The labyrinths represent the unknown and the ambiguous, and each ends where it started.

The labyrinths have only one entrance, which is also the exit. When entering the labyrinth one decides on a goal and by passing through the labyrinth achieves the balance of body, soul and nature. A walk in such a labyrinth is considered a movement meditation.

Each of the labyrinths has its own name and meaning.
  1. Vesna’s Labyrinth – dedicated to the ancient Croatian goddess of spring. A replica of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France
  2. Ishtar’s Labyrinth – dedicated to the goddess of love and fertility. Symbolizes Mother Nature.
  3. Tara’s Labyrinth –a star, the liberator – dedicated to the Hindu goddess Tara.
  4. Isis’ Labyrinth – dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of love, fertility and healing. The symbol of birth, fertility and abundance. Connected to the Black Madonna kept at the parish church in Beli.
  5. Osiris’ Labyrinth – dedicated to Osiris, the husband of Isis; symbolizes fertility and vegetation. The only labyrinth not constructed out of stone, but made of various wild plants (sage, immortelle, thyme) from the island.
  6. Rusalka’s Labyrinth – Rusalka – a water sprite
  7. Lada’s Labyrinth – dedicated to Lada, the goddess of summer. A replica of the Roman labyrinth in Pula.
There are also seven educational ecotrails in Tramuntana, laid out over the ancient paths connecting the villages in the region.
  1. Red Trail – „An Exhibition of History and Art in Nature“ (10 km)
  2. Black Trail – “Through a Stream” – starts at the beach and leads through the canyon. A more demanding trail (1.9 km)
  3. Blue Trail – “Masmalić Trail“  (6 km)
  4. Green Trail – “Popi’s Trail” (2 km)
  5. Purple Trail – “Fairy Trail“  (7 km)
  6. Orange Trail – “Orchid Trail“  (10 km)
  7. Turquoise Trail – “Playing with Nature” (1.4 km) – primarily for kids, not a demanding trail.  
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