Blue Cave

Blue Cave

Blue Cave and Sv. Ivan Beach near Lubenice

The Blue Cave is located in Žanje Bay, below the Lubenice village on Cres Island. The Blue Cave is a sea cave formed in a cliff at the very edge of the beach and has two entrances.

The larger entrance is a bit farther away from the beach, and can be reached by swimming or in a canoe. The cave is about 20 meters long and has a large air space. Within the cave lies a small pebble beach.

The long narrow entrance is at a depth of a few meters and can only be entered by diving. Light reaches the cave through cracks in the ceiling and walls, and gives it a special ambiance. In the summer, the sun enters the cave in late afternoon at an angle and creates and interesting play of light and water, reflecting the beautiful blue color in various tones.  

The sun which comes through the cave entrance is not strong enough to warm the sea, so the water inside is colder and more refreshing. After leaving the cave you can warm up at the beach.

How to reach the Blue Cave?

The easiest and shortest way to reach the cave is from Martinšćica. You can rent a boat or take a taxi boat at the village.
You can also walk to the cave from the village of Lubenice. If you decide to visit the Blue Cave in the summer, we recommend you carry a lot of water with you, since the path is very steep and difficult. The descent from Lubenice to the Blue Cave lasts for about 30-40 minutes, while the climb back is 1-1.5 hours long.

The pebble beach Sv. Ivan in the vicinity of Žanje Bay is one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in the world. The German magazine Bild listed it as the 15th most beautiful beach among the top 40 beaches in the world.

If you like adventures, these are the two natural attractions you must see while visiting the islands of Cres and Lošinj.